Irrigation is a HOT topic!


Irrigation is a hot topic!  Not only because its spring and the sun is out but also because today’s economy and sustainable mindset drives us to pay attention to budgets and the environment.  Your irrigation system may provide you with the opportunity to address both issues in one neat package.  Here are three tips to pay attention to this spring. 

Master Valve Insurance

Most irrigation systems don’t have a Master Valve which could cost you!  Master valves help insure you against excessive water bills by reducing water pressure during run time and stopping water from escaping during non-run time in the event of a main line break.  Main-lines are constantly under pressure and deliver water to control valves in the field which can be hundreds of feet away from your meter.  By installing a master valve near your meter you reduce the risk of financial loss due to failure at every glue joint, every run of pipe adjacent vehicle traffic, sign posts, etc.  Master valves can be installed on most systems with compatible, adjacent clocks for less than $800.

Consider “Smart” Technology

Climate or soil moisture sensor-based irrigation controllers evaluate weather or soil moisture conditions and then automatically adjust the irrigation schedule to meet the specific needs of your landscape.  This water saving technology goes several steps further than a rain sensor by measuring Evapotranspiration (ET) and rainfall and adjusting the amount of water that is applied every cycle saving you money. Studies have shown “smart” controllers save on average 30% over conventional controllers.