Long-Term Landscape Management Planning

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For many properties the maintenance of landscaping, including associated water costs, is the largest expense in the budget.  Downward economic pressure over the past few years has forced many asset managers into low-bid contracts with a short-term mindset that, while an attractive option at the outset, costs more in the long run.  Conversely, a well-crafted Strategic Plan, created in partnership with a Professional Landscape Management company may identify long-term savings that can be much more significant while increasing asset value.

Landscape Management takes a long-term look at how your landscape will develop over a 5-10 year period and seeks to make adjustments or corrections along the way as a part of a philosophy or Strategic Plan. The consulting, design services and budget preparation involved in a good strategic plan represent real value and often come at no cost from a long-term minded service provider.  A low-bid contractor often can’t provide this value within contract because it requires staffing experienced, educated and certified professionals.

Walk your site and look for opportunities in irrigation, turfgrass, plant selection and placement, drainage and soil conditions and incorporation of sustainable practices.  There are serious cost savings opportunities in all of these areas.  If you need help interpreting any of these issues or suspect you may have other issues that need to be addressed seek the help of a qualified professional.