Turf Renovation

Healthy, green turf requires more than regular mowing, fertilizing and irrigating. Signature Landscape Services provides turf renovation services to improve soil conditions and ensure beautiful turf over the long term. Our turf renovation services include:

Turf Aeration

Regular aeration helps overcome compaction stresses by improving water and air movement into the soil, increasing beneficial microbial activity and rooting depth. It also reduces the formation of thatch.

Slice Seeding

Over time, grass may thin out due to shade and weed pressure. Annual slice seeding mechanically inserts grass seed into the soil and helps maintain desirable turf density and minimize the invasion of weedy grasses.


Adding sand and organic matter over the top of existing turf grass provides a cover for over seeding, aids drainage, improves soil conditions over time and firms up and evens out grass areas.

To learn more about healthier grass through Signature Landscape Services turf renovation services, contact us .